Further down you can read more about the casino bonus, how it works and some of the general requirements

Further down you can read more about the casino bonus, how it works and some of the general requirements

Let’s face it, one of the best features of the online casinos are the large free money bonuses they offer for both new and existing customers. The free bonuses for new players are the biggest ones, although some online casinos offer pretty sizable chunks of free chips for their existing customers, as well. Below you will find the list of the latest big online casino bonuses, arranged from the largest promotion to the smallest.

Keep in mind that all of the online casinos on our bonus list are part of our best online casino list, so you can play at any of them with confidence. We recommend you start from the biggest bonus and come back later to work your way down the list of the casino bonuses. The online casinos are perfectly fine with you opening accounts at other casinos to take advantage of the new customer bonus, but be aware that opening multiple accounts at the same casino is a breach of terms, just to warn you of the dangers. If you have played through your bonus already, simply open an account at a different casino and take advantage of their first-time customer free bonus.

Biggest Online Casino Bonuses

A word about how the online casino bonus works and what you should take into consideration when you claim your bonus. First thing you need to understand about the bonuses offered by the online casinos is that they are oftentimes based on your initial deposit, rather than a fixed amount of money. Fortunately for you, our leading casino bonus is very generous both in terms of actual amount of money ($10,000) and percentage of your deposit (400%), as well. These are the best casino bonuses, when both the amount and the percentage are very high. But in general, make sure you first see at what percentage of your deposit is the actual bonus based on. For example, two online casinos e $3,000 bonus for new customers, yet one of them is basing this on 200% match and the other on 150% match of your initial deposit. Clearly the one offering the 200% bonus is a better value, since you’d get more money for the same deposit there. We have noted the percentages of the bonuses in the table above, to make it easier for you to compare.

Online Casino Bonuses

Another very important part of the casino bonus is the playthrough requirements, also referred to as wagering requirements or rollover. If the casino simply doubled your money without any need for those wagering requirements, you could simply take the bonus and withdraw your money, without ever playing the games. Clearly, it would be insane for the casino to do so. The playtrough requirements re in place to avoid this. What are the playtrough requirements and how they work? Simple – if you take advantage of a casino bonus you are required to wager the deposit+bonus amount certain number of times before you can withdraw your bonus money. Note that you only need to wager it, regardless of whether you win or lose and playing casino games, such as slots, would quickly take care of the rollover needed.

The playthrough requirements apply to the bonuses at all online casinos and is not something that you can avoid. However, some online casinos will offer smaller wagering requirements than others, giving you the chance to withdraw your bonus winnings much quicker. We have also noted the playthrough for each bonus at each online casino in the table above. If there are two identical casino bonuses, the wagering requirement could be used as a tiebreaker. Word of caution, avoid any playthrough that is over 40x, even though the industry standard is 50x, there are plenty of good online casinos offering much lower bonus playthrough requirements before cashing out.

Of course, at this point many people would begin to wonder why would the casinos offer such promotions to players. True, at first look, the casino bonus appears to be a losing proposition for the casino itself – giving away money to people in exchange for nothing seems like a quick way to go bankrupt in any business. After all, when was the last time you visited a regular casino and the host just handed you a wad of money to play as your heart desires?

The truth is that the online casinos have a much lower overhead compared to the traditional brick & mortar casinos. That alone allows them to take risks with some of those savings. At the end of the day, the online-based casinos can make the same profit a traditional one would, even when offering such amazing perks, unmatched offline. But this is not the sole reason.

The bonuses, the welcome bonus in particular, has long been one of the best tools for the casinos to attract customers. After all, the higher the casino bonus offered, the better chance the player would sign up with this website, rather than go to the competition, of which there is always plenty. And http://www.casinosreview.ca/softswiss/ since the casino bonus is tied to a deposit made, it virtually guarantees to the casino that they are investing the bonus money, rather than just giving it away.

And finally, the big casino bonuses we have listed here are only the welcome offers for new customers of those online casinos. The also offer a lot of bonuses and ongoing promotions for existing players, including casino no deposit bonus, although, naturally we cannot list them all here or it would become so cluttered, you’d hardly be able to find your way around comparing them. You can follow the link above for the very latest offerings in that specific casino bonus category or visit a particular casino to browse through their current bonuses for existing players.

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