Truly when worry prevails that Constitution many goals defenders

Truly when worry prevails that Constitution many goals defenders

It’s the center of our liberties let’s certainly remember by protecting the liberties they enshrines Catherine

Our very own Consitution assurances to your residents liberties that have been safeguarded by as well as for Americans for years that will be until those liberties being switched inverted and inside out, from inside the term of protection But performed these intrusions generate united states better? No, they did not! As an alternative they triggered the darkest sections within this nations’ record We must change the erosions to your liberties please remember that individuals is both safe and free! Cathy NE

They did that in Germany from inside the ‘s you find how well who turned-out

We have been damaging what our very own nation stands for during the identity of saving they The Republicans are actually proficient at framing affairs in order for terrible appears to be great and they have a assist funds can purchase to do this Cathy Heya

Im an OIF Veteran and after witnessing the severe fact for the Iraq combat firsthand, in my opinion these wars will weaken this nation plus reduce all of our effects through the entire entire world by undermining our citizens liberties and freedoms to which the planet provides constantly viewed as a beacon of hope Charanjit NY

There are those who prey for justice although some fight for this I’d instead battle for it and victim people at the least state, thanks Charisse NY

The single thing we must worry are fear it self I think our freedoms can just only become secure if we place all of our structure initial Charles CA

It’s my opinion The usa are both as well as complimentary I deny national procedures that target organizations by battle or religion, invade confidentiality through unchecked surveillance, sanction the usage torture or encourage global conflict without conclusion We pledge to continue getting a stay Charles TX

By providing upwards freedom and freedom inside the label of Homeland protection we let the terrorists which assaulted you to victory

Our very own freedoms need to be shielded from start to finish and every where on the planet We must never ever end battling as the opposing forces dont quit Charles MI

There’s absolutely no middle floor on inalienable liberties should you decide present them they have been lost usually do not surrender to fear Charles MI

This really is no more the usa that I grew up in and coached to think in numerous years ago Charles NJ

Goverment leadership from both edges function of the Constitution We deny your worry tatics in America Nobody wants to learn what we can or cannot manage from the authorities of the U . S . and No system desires there crotch patted on upwards within Airport any longer! We need you change your junk plans of implemented by Fear Chase TN

They not merely ed nearly four thousand of our own people, but the loaded all of our management with these types of concern as to get rid of the really liberties that make our very own country distinctive We are better than this We don’t need to encroach upon freedoms being conclude problems Cheryl OH

On this subject anniversary, we mourn losing lives that time; in addition to the lack of liberties that adopted we re agree to combating to regain the liberties shed and safeguarding the liberties we now have!! Cheryl AZ

The structure symbolizes the principles and freedoms associated with the usa, We the folks Without adherence to those values, without liability to be certain adherence, We, the folks, and our Freedoms vanish We be, as an alternative, the Antithesis Cheryl IL

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