To her credit, she called and apologized

To her credit, she called and apologized

As I swam around, a huge moray eel swims up to me staring me in straight into my eyes

I guessed “Megalomaniacal” straight up playing hangman once; no letters on the board. Everyone was convinced I’d watched the person look it up in the dictionary.

Came home one day and the cat was missing. Wife was in tears. Searched for hours. No cat. I look in filing cabinet. There cat is. Just sleeping. I pick cat up and show to wife. Wife accuses me of locking the cat in the filing cabinet as some sort of bizarre prank. I am innocent. Nobody believes me. We’re divorced now.

My parents live in a more rural neighborhood in my hometown. I was late to school one day because a giant boar was blocking the road. It was massive and could have seriously damaged my car.

We typically get snakes, bunnies, raccoons, etc. in the neighborhood but no one had seen a boar before. So naturally my teacher didn’t believe me and neither did my parents. I didn’t get in trouble but I was definitely made fun of as if I claimed I saw Big Foot or something.

Someone stole a bunch of stuff from my classmates in the fifth grade and said I did it – even though my own things even went missing.

I told everyone it wasn’t me but no one believed me. One day we were in art class and my teacher pulled me aside and told me she knew I did it and to just come clean. I cried and cried because I never stole anything. This lasted the whole year, I lost all my friends.

My mom and other family thought we were joking around and still didn’t believe us

At the end of the year a girl finally admitted she did it. Not a single person apologized to me about it, not even my teacher. I’m now 26 years old and this still bothers me.

When I was 11 my family brought me to Crete, Greece. They just laid on the boring beach sunbathing all day with the other tourists, while I ran around exploring until I came by some huge rocks.

I decided to try to swim there, and discovered a beautiful reef with a lot of different fish. I’ve never been so afraid in my entire life. It eventually swam and hid behind some rocks, allowing me to swim back to safety. My family didn’t believe me.

My ex and I were around 16, just gotten together but already had sex. Nobody thought we would do anything more than kissing.

So we were at her place and she had just gotten a key to lock her room (intended for when she had to study and her three siblings were annoying little buggers). So we locked the door while everyone else was busy and did our thing.

Afterwards someone asked what we were doing because they heard strange noises and with the straightest face my ex said “We had sex.” They seriously didn’t believe us.

Nobody in my history class believed I was adopted. We had to do this genetics background project and trace our ancestry. And honestly… that’s a terrible idea.

We were to put the countries our ancestors came from then trace our family trees back, as we were going to relate various parts of history to our family trees. Only thing on my project was “Germany, Italy, Lithuania.” No family tree.

If you saw my adopted parents, you’d say I look like a cross between the two. I was, however, adopted as a baby in a closed adoption. All we know of my family is that my dad was a German citizen visiting the US and hooked up with my mom who was a second-generation Italian American who had Lithuanian in her blood.

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